In The WooFHouse

WooFHouse 400PXWooFHouse is a “Live” Concert Series. These Concerts feature WooFTunes special guests, playing covers of popular songs  while interacting with the Dogs. In some of the songs you may even hear the Dogs howling and singing along!! Most songs are performed in the Dog Cart as we are MUSHIng the trails!! Sometimes we will stop along our Tour Routes while Mushing the trail and we will spontaneously have a mini concert for anyone around. People can dance along, enjoy the music, and most importantly say “Hi” to the Dogs.

    • Popular Music Covers like the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Elton John Fleetwood Mac etc…
    • All Acoustic & All Were Performed “Live”
    • Great Sunday & Early Evening Music To Unwind With
    • On Air All Day & All Night