Channel Programming

Almost ALL of this content is 100% ORIGINAL except for the musical parts obviously of the parodies. This content can only be heard exclusively here on the WooFDriver’s Networks!! You’ve NEVER Heard ANYTHING like this!!!!

WooFTunes-400PXWooFCast Radio is where this all started as it has been broadcasting for over 2 years now and was the first all DOG related radio station that we know of. On this channel you will hear all the staple WooFTunes hits streamed all day and all night!

    • Original Hits
    • Parodies
    • On Air All Day & All Night


WooFDriver-500PXThe WooFDriver’s Stream is a compilation of the WooFTunes library including live WooFHouse performances and Dog jokes. Also on the WooFDriver’s steam you will hear messages from the WooFPAK’S Fans from all over the world! For the sleeping hours the WooFDriver’s Steam goes into relaxation mood and plays WooFTunes acoustic versions!

  • Original Hits & Parodies
  • Special Guest Musician Performances
  • On Air All Day & All Night – Sleep Mode Plays UnPlugged WooFTunes


WooFHouse 400PXWooFHouse is a “Live” Concert Series. These Concerts feature WooFTunes special guests, playing covers of popular songs  while interacting with the Dogs. In some of the songs you may even hear the Dogs howling and singing along!! Most songs are performed in the Dog Cart as we are MUSHIng the trails!! Sometimes we will stop along our Tour Routes while Mushing the trail and we will spontaneously have a mini concert for anyone around. People can dance along, enjoy the music, and most importantly say “Hi” to the Dogs.

  • Popular Music Covers like the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Elton John Fleetwood Mac etc…
  • All Acoustic & All Were Performed “Live”
  • Great Sunday & Early Evening Music To Unwind With
  • On Air All Day & All Night

SnoWOOFS-400PXThe SnoWOOFS are the alter egos of the WooFDriver’s WooFPAK! This is a working, roaming, and rambling WooFPAK! From MUSHing sleds on wheels to running free and racing ATVS this WooFPAK travels in a Jumbo Jet Truck all over the Mid-Atlantiic USA region touring and traveling to strut their stuff!! These songs include almost the entire WooFTunes Original, Parody, & Special Guest Productions that have been sung by the WooFPAK, WHOA!!!

  • The Entire Original & Parody WooFTunes Library Sung By the Dogs…
  • Especially FUN for Kids
  • On Air All Day & All Night


WackyWOOF-400PXWacky WooF Radio is a blend of all dog related jokes, poems, breed specific songs, barking dog songs, dancing doggy style songs, pup birthday songs, funny RAP Songs and funny song parodies! Sometimes sweet and inspiring and sometimes a bit funny and sour but always a dog lovers WOWer!! For after Midnight broadcasts the WooFMon takes over Wacky WooF Channel with adult flavored parodies.

  • FUNNY Songs, Jokes, & Stories
  • Inspiring & Heartfelt Poems
  • On Air All Day & All Night (After Midnight The WooFMon takes over with MATURE rated humor)


WooFMon 400PXThis is the radio home to the soon to be World Famous “WooFMon!!” A very animated, creative, and most definitely WILDMON from Jamaica!! Some of his performances are a bit “spicy” so please listen with a bit of caution BUT you will so enjoy the FUN!! He will have you saying “Jamaican ME WOOF!!”

  • FUNNY DOG Reggae Parodies
  • Very “SPICY” Adult Themed – R – Rated
  • On Air All Day & All Night


WolFStoria-400PXWolFStoria Radio is the Cinematic Hits that can be heard on many of The WooFDriver’s Movies. WolFStoria is the WooFDriver’s term for the blending of Fantasy & Reality.   On the WolFStoria Website you can find many of the WooFPAKS “Fantasy” style pictures and the WolFStoria read which is a fable about many creatures including a WolF, Mermaid, Stingray and so many more. This WolFStoria Radio captures the moment and paints it with music!!

  • Cinematic Style Muisc
  • Creative Beats & Rhythms Blended With WooFDriver Terminology
  • On Air All Day & All Night

WooFDreams-400PXWooFDreams are ALL DOG Relaxing and Comfort Songs, the chill side of WooFTunes!! These are original compilations and fresh tunes to relax your pup or even yourself. These WooFDreams include some tunes with doggy snoring and other dog related special effects. Fun Stuff!! You will be laughing just from reading the titles of some of these tunes!! This is the stuff that dog dreams are made of!!

  • Calming & Comfort Music
  • For Sleeping Time Or Anytime You Or Your Pup Need Some Gentle Time
  • On Air All Day & All Night


WooFSpirit 400PXWooFspirit Radio is all about Guided DOG Meditation. Guided Meditations are a wonderful way to really focus our breathing and empty our mind to make it available for so many other finds. I have collaborated my expertise with professional Meditation and Spiritual Practitioners to assemble Guided Meditations for Dogs!! Though all the words along theses Guided Dog  Meditations may not be fully understood by the Dog, the vocal tones of the Guides and the tranquil sounds of the nature and/or music that accompany them with create a comforting time that can promote healing, rest, and security.

  • Guided Dog Meditations with a Wide Range Of DOG Realted Topics
  • Promote Healing, Rest, & Security
  • On Air All Day & All Night

WolFManChi 400PXThis is the PAWSe (pause) Channel which refers to the time we all NEED to unwind, relax, and de-stress ourselves. At these important times our bodies can HEAL and our minds can EMPTY to rejuvenate ourselves to Live and Propel our Lives to the fullest extent. Animals are very aware of the importance to PAWSe (pause)  just watch them as they absorb a moment outside listening, observing, and smelling thier surroundings. In our modern day world it is increasingly challenging for us humans and even our Dogs to find the proper ways to release the tension that can plague us. This channel is a blend of the WooFDriver’s Guided Dog Meditations and Meditation Music.

  • Guided DOG Meditations & Meditation Music
  • So Relaxing & Soothing
  • On Air All Day & All Night


RollingBone Radio is where you can hear parodies of your favorite artists and bands put to lyrics all about dogs! On this channel you will hear WooFTunes hits streamed all day and all night!




WOOF HipHop is another AWESOME WooFTunes Genre that is a mix of more traditional R&B and RAP!! Of course in normal WooFDriver & WooFTunes style all this music is about Dogs!! I think you will notice on these vocals maybe a familiar voice?! Not quite the real Snoop Dog but this is the WooFTunes version and we call him appropriately Snoop WOOF! Just have a listen and I think you’ll agree he is quite the Snoop!! As with almost all the Original WooFTunes in my library I have written most of these lyrics as well but in some cases Snoop has tweaked them to more fit his style!! Bark and Howl on Snoop….











WereWOOFS Radio is on all day and all spooky night to bring you the paranormal evidence from WooFDriver’s ghost hunting adventures!! On WereWOOFS Radio you can also hear ghostly stories and haunted tunes!!